When HOPE launched its Tiny Chef’s program, it was hoping that a hands-on, interactive approach to cooking would inspire children to develop a love for nutritional foods and creativity in the kitchen. Starting early allows children to establish healthy habits that will serve them throughout their lives.

Tiny Chefs kicked off its first class this past September with 20 children ages 6-11. The first class was “Incredible Edibles: Healthy After School Snacks”. Shaping bugs out of veggies, making fruit kabobs and taking blind taste tests was wildly popular with the students. In October the theme was “Mad Scientists”. HOPE’s Healthy Teaching Kitchen Coordinator, Katey Powell taught kitchen chemistry with iron and magnets and the chefs made DIY ice cream in a bag with rock salt. November’s class, “Little Italy” had the children making lasagna roll-ups and tiramisu. Of course, lots of tastings were involved.

Word spread and soon we were hosting Tiny chef for the community, a Tiny chef class just for homeschoolers and Girl Scout badge classes that covered cooking, health and wellness. Due to popular demand, HOPE is launching a second after-school Tiny Chefs class. Families interested in participating should check out HOPE’s social media pages for class dates or call Katey Powell at 803-577-3300 for more information.