One of HOPE’s Fresh and Healthy Food Initiative programs is our weekly Surplus Distribution.   On Thursdays HOPE receives a recovery truck from Second Harvest Food Bank filled with items from fruits, vegetables, and dairy items to frozen items.  Partnering with Youth Build and additional HOPE Volunteers the food is sorted and processed ready to distribute to the community the same day.

The Surplus Distribution is part of HOPE’s larger initiative to  increase “fresh” food staples for the community.  HOPE hosts  the Surplus Food Distribution on Thursdays from 2:30-3:30pm to the general public.  Requirements are only a current SC Photo ID and proof of residence in Lancaster County.  Due to the limited amount of fresh food, HOPE serves 70 people weekly on a first come first served basis.  Selection is dependent on recovery truck surplus availability, but we often have fresh produce, and dairy along with canned goods and breads.

We strongly believe that everyone should have access to healthy food for themselves and their families regardless of income. Poor diet is a major risk factor linked to obesity and other chronic illnesses. This weekly event is a HOPE initiative aimed at providing fresh and healthy food to residents in need. All residents should have the opportunity to put nutritious meals on their table. Supplementing grocery needs for low-income participants will positively impact diets and produce healthy outcomes for individuals and families.