HOPE serves over 200 low-income senior adults in our Health and Wellness Food Pantry each month. At her most recent appointment, one of our seniors who uses a walker for mobility complained of her aching back. One of our faithful volunteers who is a former healthcare worker noticed that this six-foot tall woman had to hunch over when she walked because her walker was too short for her stature. Our volunteer suggested a “lift kit” for her walker which had the potential to help her tremendously, but the kit was $30, which the client could not afford. Upon realizing her dilemma, HOPE was able to locate a modification kit for her and add it to her walker. We cannot begin to describe how appreciative she was for this simple adjustment. She cried tears of joy as she told us that it has been three years since she was able to stand up straight. She was so thankful for the relief this small act of kindness brought to her aching back. HOPE is committed to assisting our clients by promoting health and self-sustainability through supportive programs that improve the quality of life of our seniors falling below the federal poverty level. Through interactions, we try to be a listening ear. Sometimes a simple fix can make a world of difference. Stand in the gap with HOPE because every donation makes a difference.