As part of the Fresh & Healthy Food Initiative Program, HOPE is introducing the Senior Food Pantry.  Seniors, 65 and older,  who are living on fixed and/or low incomes and receive little or no government benefits are eligible for this program.  The Senior Pantry is meant to supplement their household food supply with healthy food staples to stretch their current financial budget for changing medication and other household expenses.

Once qualified, Seniors will be able to visit HOPE monthly to pick up their Pantry items.  Currently this list includes frozen meat, tuna fish, peanut butter, jelly, and many other options.   Seniors who wish to be qualified can call HOPE at 803.286.4673, Monday through Friday.

We continue to receive support from local grocery retailers and our hope is to continually expand the available food items to include more dairy and produce.  For ways you can support the Senior Food Pantry please contact