Our clients come from diverse backgrounds. Some come to HOPE seeking help after an unexpected event leads to a temporary crisis-situation. This was the case for Bradley Johnson, a single father of three. Bradley relocated his family from Florida to South Carolina after accepting a new position. He purchased a home in Indian Land and began to settle into the community with his young children. Unexpectedly, this past July he was laid off from his job. After three months of unsuccessfully securing new employment, his bills piled up. Since Bradley is an Army veteran, he first reached out to veteran organizations. Each one suggested trying HOPE in Lancaster, so he took a chance and stopped in during our client services hours.

“HOPE was very responsive to my immediate needs. They offered me assistance with food and my utility bill which freed up funds for me take care of other financial obligations. The budget counseling HOPE provided was a game changer.  A client advocate reviewed my budget and showed me how to make my money work for me and then went one step further to ensure that I could carry out those changes on my own. The budget counseling helped me recognize my need to take another look at my spending and adjust my household budget.”

“Soon after HOPE stepped into my circumstance, I found another job. During my “storm”, I promised myself that when I got back on my feet, I would pay it forward. A few months went by and it was Christmastime. I remembered my promise and called HOPE. I told them that I wanted to make a $500 donation to help others bounce back from a similar situation.”

When the programs and services we provide help an individual or family turn their situation from HOPELESS to HOPEFUL, we see the significance HOPE has in the community. By valuing all people and sharing resources, we can empower those in need, giving them the tools to move towards a HOPE-FILLED future.