This is a story of collaboration between agencies, across county lines to re-home a special family in need. It all started when a volunteer from St. Vincent DePaul Society in Fort Mill called about a disabled mother and her adult special needs son who found themselves homeless in Rock Hill. The Salvation Army had also been helping them. They wanted to relocate to Lancaster, was there anything HOPE could do? Seems that an apartment had been located but the family needed deposits and the first month’s rent. The mother and son had monthly income from Disability and Social Security but they needed help getting started and settled in.

When the challenge was presented, HOPE went to work contacting LACH, the Lancaster Area Coalition for Homeless, a program of the United Way.  Hope committed to pay their first month’s rent after resources were pulled together with LACH and the mother met with our social worker. Dyanne returned to HOPE once more to fill out an application for HOPE’s Bounce Back program and received food. After much coordination and help in finding a place to live, the re-homing date was set. Surrounded by volunteers and case workers the family moved in, however, one problem remained. The family had gotten rid of most of their belongings and had very little. The original agency and volunteers from Fort Mill had located essential furniture, but they lacked hygiene and household items. LACH decided to have a virtual shower for the family where many individuals and agencies donated the needed items.

Dyanne came to HOPE this past week and we presented her with the things we collected. She was overcome with joy and appreciation especially for the pureed baby food our social worker gave her for her handicapped son. So many folks reached out to contribute that we are going to have to ask her to come a second time to get the rest.  HOPE will be following this family, making regular appointments to guide them and get them on track and keep them supplied with food during this time. Isn’t it nice when a plan comes together and non-profits work together for the good of others?