Helping Other People Effectively








Our Mission

HOPE in Lancaster, Inc. provides assistance, resources, and referrals that allow individuals and families in crisis situations the opportunity to recover from and move beyond short-term emergencies.

Get Help

HOPE may offer assistance with:

  • Rent
  • Electricity, Natural Gas, and Water
  • Food

Get Involved

HOPE could not exist without the many faithful and hard-working people who donate time, money and needed items. Get involved today and make a difference.


We Strive To Dedicate Our Resources To Helping Others


Client Assistance

$ 717,779


Salaries, Benefits & Taxes

$ 193,197



$ 102,850


Christmas Basket

$ 18,059

Thank you to the Volunteers who in 2017 served 12,342 hours at HOPE. 

You make it possible for HOPE to Help Other People Effectively!